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Camryn and Craig

Rainbow Pin & Ring Wooden Stacking Set

Rainbow Pin & Ring Wooden Stacking Set

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Invite your child to learn n’ play with this wooden rainbow color sorting toy from Legacy Learning. Handmade in striking detail, it features six pins in all the shades of the rainbow and sets of three matching wooden rings for each one. Stored in a drawstring muslin bag, it is a remarkable color sorting game that relies on fine motor skills and color recognition to solve. This is a creative gift idea for kids of all ages and is simply brilliant for fun-on-the-go whilst traveling. It is an original Legacy Learning creation. Order now to guarantee availability.

Set includes:

(6) Colored wooden bowling pins - 2 11/16" tall

(18) Corresponding colored wooden rings- 1 1/2" diameter

(1) Cotton drawstring bag for storage

Each wooden piece is hand-stained with a non-toxic water color, allowing for the graining of the pine wood to shine through. Of course, that
Made in United States of America

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